What is Domain Name?

Domain names are the names assigned to the unique IP address (internet protocol address) of  computer (web server) where we place our website file.
As you know, to go to someone’s website you type an address into your browser or click a link that takes you there automatically, that takes you inside the Domain Name System, or the DNS for short. Just as you dial a unique set of numbers inside a central telephone system so your phone call makes the correct connection, the DNS lets your computer cell phone or mobile device connect with its intended websites or email address.

Like the phone company, the DNS uses a unique string of numbers called IP address. IP standing for Internet protocol, to make the connection. But most of us don’t have to bother with IP addresses because we have easy to use domain name instead.

DNS was created to translate IP addresses into unique, easy to remember addresses called domain names.

Website vs Blog, Best Choice?

In past, we only have one thing and that was Website with some HTML pages. You have to hire someone to create it as it was technically difficult to develop.

Where as today, we have blogs which are easy to create and develop and you do not need a professional web developer to develop a blog for you. Blogs are more flexible and easy to update.

Blogs are more active than a website, people update blog regularly as they create it to tell others about the stuff they love where as a website is a “Develop and Forget” thing as they put all information at once about their brand and product until they have new brand or product to introduce.

Websites are static and revolve around certain and limited stuff. You might have visited some sites where they always have limited number of pages mostly Home,Services, Pricing and Plan, About and Contact page where as blogs are dynamic their main page always have fresh stuff,called Posts mostly ordered by date that is the reason you see new post at top and older at bottom or on other pages.

Blogs are informative, people create them to write about some topic like a cause, subject or anything. They are created to increase reader’s knowledge but websites are made to create a brand awareness.

So if you want to write personally for something you can create a blog and there are many platforms to create a free blog easily like WordPress.com and Blogger.com and if you are sole proprietor or comapny, you should go for a website and do not forget to create a professional email address before making a blog.

And best choice is “Website with a Blog” yes you read it right. Self hosted WordPress platform made it easy to create a blog and website at the same time and now these days everybody has it.

Professional Email For Freelancing

Before learning anything about freelancing, you should start acting like one. The main thing on internet is your identity that is represented by your Email ID. These may appear like clear tips however you would be shocked what number of individuals neglect to do these things.

Think of a Professional Email Address

You must leave your FANKARI emails for your personal use and think of a professional email address that you can share with your client. A freelancers’ email address should include just his name and nothing else.

As I am aware of that we do not use Microsoft Outlook software for emails in Pakistan and neither we can visit CPanel on daily basis for our Domain Email Address so I suggest to create a Gmai or Outlook.com email address.

When signing up, try to look for email with your email like:

  • FirstName@Outlook.com
  • Last Name@Gmail.com
  • FirstNameLastName@Outlook.com
  • FirstName(DOT)LastName@Gmail.com
  • (FirstNameInitial)LastName@Outlook.com

I wrote this post just to make sure that you are right on track from the start. Make sure your account information includes correct full name, mobile number with +92 at start and business address.

Do not forget to:

  • Write your security question on a secure file so that you can have backup security option to reset your account password.
  • Confirmation of mobile number is recommended.
  • Use a alternate email address (that can your funky email id, if you don’t trust anybody else)

It is time to leave these type of addresses:

  • CuteAmir007@gmail.com
  • FunkyBaccha@gmail.com
  • RoflLmao@outlook.com
  • ETC

So create a new professional email address and then comment below with that  account.